Honestly, I was never going to vote for Joe Biden. The thought never crossed my mind. Out of all the candidates that the election season began with, Joe Biden was amongst the worst, enjoying the company of people like Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg and Tim Ryan. And I thought his lackluster performance in the primaries, his frequent gaffes and his complete lack of a coherent message would preclude Biden from consideration. Indeed, it is still a complete mystery how he managed to rise to the top of the ticket. Didn’t people notice that he could barely complete a sentence without sounding demented? Oh well, I’m sure it was a totally legitimate and transparent process that propelled him to frontrunner status. But I still wasn’t going to vote for him.

Democratic Socialist or Social Democrat?

Why The Left Attacks the Left

A White Privilege?


Image source: https://www.socialistalternative.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Bernie-OurRevolution-Logo-600x.jpg

Image source: https://texashillcountry.com/wp-content/uploads/baitcars-660x400.jpg

Jesse Beasley

Public interest advocate. Guitar guru. Devoted father. Political dissident.

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